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Where will Heroes Comic Con Madrid be held?

Heroes Comic Con Madrid will be at IFEMA: Av. Partenón, 5, 28042 Madrid

I purchased a ticket and I can not go … Will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, no.

Can I buy my ticket at the ticket office of IFEMA the same day?

Yes. But there is no guarantee that there won’t be any long lines. To be sure, we recommend that you buy them online before the show (besides, you will get them cheaper).

How do I get to Heroes Comic Con Madrid?


Line 8 – Feria de Madrid


Line 112-Mar de Cristal-Feria de Madrid – Bº Aeropuerto.

Line 122-Avda. de América-Campo de las Naciones-Feria de Madrid.

Line 828-Universidad Autónoma-Alcobendas-Canillejas-Feria de Madrid.


M 11 (Exit 5 and 7), M 40 (Exit 5, 6 and 7) and A2 (Exit 7).

Could I become a volunteer?

Yes. We will be delighted to have you on our team. For more information, please click here.

Is there a parking lot?

Feria de Madrida has a large parking lot, but its fee is not included with the ticket. Please read more in this link.

If I leave the event, can I get back in?

Yes, but don’t lose or damage the bracelet!

I already have my ticket, how do I get in?

Once you have purchased your ticket, we will send you an e-mail with an access code. At the entrance, we will give you an access bracelet to the venue.

Cosplay Weapons Regulation

Attention, Cosplayers! You know that the legislation imposes certain restrictions when it comes to equipping your Cosplays with certain accessories that can be considered as weapons. This is what the current legislation says, which you should follow:

Article 105

1. In order to carry and use weapons of category 4.0 out of your domicile, they shall be documented individually, using weapons permissions, that must always accompany them in any case. Weapons cards will be granted and withdrawn, if necessary, by the mayors of the city or town in which they are comers or residing applicants, prior consideration of their conduct and a history of their carrier. Their validity shall be limited to the respective municipalities

Article 146

It is prohibited to carry, display, and use outside home, in the workplace, in your case, or the corresponding sporting activities, any kind of short firearms and weapons.

It is in general forbidden the fact of carrying or using weapons in public establishments and places for meetings, concentrations, recreation or leisure and it is forbidden in any case for those who had been reported of crime or fault against people or property by misuse of weapons.

To make it simple: it is not allowed to bring any airsoft or pellets gun, skates, katanas, wooden swords and, in general, the most common sense: anything that could be dangerous to you or anyone else. There will be many people around and you should prevent unintentionally shoving or any kind of accident!

Is there a cloakroom service?

Yes, you can leave your bag or coat. The price is 1€ per item.

Do we have to enter at the same time with the group ticket?

No. One of the group can collect the bracelets and give them to the rest

I have a day pass. Can I go with my Cosplay?

Of course yes

Do I have to print my ticket?

No need to print it. You can show it on your mobile phone

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