Heroes Comic Con 2017 - Heroes Comic Con

Post Show Heroes Comic Con Madrid 2017

After this edition, Heroes Comic Con Madrid positions itself as the reference event in Madrid, not only for comics and illustrator lovers but to all the cinema, tv series, videogames, music and cosplay fans.

Heroes Comic Con Madrid 2017 in numbers

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Hours of signing sessions
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Special Guests

  • Lena Headey

    The actress who plays the ambitious Cersei Lannister in ‘Game of Thrones’ and is also known for her role as an Spartan women, Queen Gorgo in the movie ‘300’ visited us the 11th and 12th.

  • Jenna Coleman

    The English actress known for being Clara Oswald on the iconic and long-running series ‘Doctor Who’ and for playing Queen Victoria in ‘Victoria’, was with us the 11th and 12th.

  • Frank Miller

    The comic writer worldwide known for his works: The Dark Knight Returns, Born Again, Sin City, 300 and Ronin was in Heroes Comic Con on November 10th, 11th and 12th.


  • 26 international guests (Bill Sienkiewicz, Mark Brooks, Brian Azzarello, Chelsea Cain…)


  • 36 national guests (Paco Roca, Lolita Aldea, El Torres…)


  • 5 international editors (Rickey Purdin, Larry Ganem, Elsa Sztulcman…)


  • 4 international actors(Stefan Kapicic, Ingvild Deila…)


  • 2 Youtubers (Loulogio, Kalathras)


Heroes Main Stage

In our main stage were the best shows and invited artists.

Signing Sessions

More than 100 hour of signing sessions.

Conference Room

The best chats and conferences about the world of comic.

Carlos Giménez Awards

Carlos Giménez Awards had their first edition.


More than 20 workshops


Activities and competitions specifically for all of the Cosplayers.

Speaking Area

More than 20 talks and round tables that took place


To get back your strength, you had an assortment of places to regain energy with the best culinary selection.

Portfolio Review

Portfolio review from international editors.

Artist Alley

A section with more than 70 national talents.

Board Games

An exclusive space for board games lovers

Gaming Area

Gamers enjoyed the latest videogames on the market


An exhibition of the best Wrestling for hand-to-hand combat lovers.

Kids Area

The smallest in the house had different activities accompanied by their favorite superheroes.

Star Wars

Star Wars lovers enjoyed different activities as a display of laser sabers

Food Trucks

An assortment of places to regain energy with the best culinary selection.

Heroes Main Stage

  • Panels (Lena Headey, Jenna Coleman, Ingvild Deila)
  • Live performances (conciencia urbana, K-Pop, Taekwondo & Flamenco show, lightsaber show…)
  • Podcast (Frikimalismo, BirraSeries…)
  • Live Drawing shows (Phil Jiménez, Bill Sienkiewicz & Paul Gulacy)
  • Talks(Loulogio, Juan Villa, Claudio Serrano….)
  • Carlos Giménez Awards
  • Cosplay Contest

Special Content

  • Panels:
    • Frank Miller & Friends
    • Feminism and feminism characters and creators in superhero comics (Chelsea Cain & Kate Niemczyk moderated by Laura Barrachina)
    • Deadpool with Fabian Nicieza, Stefan Kapicic, moderated by Paco Fox
  • Exclusive screening of the Justice League hosted by Juan Gómez Jurado & Arturo González-Campos
  • Screening of Spider-Man extras.
  • Talks at Book Zone
    • +20 Talks
    • 200 hours of roundtables, talks & presentations
  • Workshops
    • +20 workshops during 3 days
    • 200 hours of workshops (design, technology, techniques…)

Kids Area

  • Activities for schools.
  • Lego Super Heroes Marvel: area for young children between 3 and 14 years old:
    • Reading Area
    • Face-painting
    • Photocall
    • Heroes game…
  • Comic as pedagogical tool
  • Focused areas for family plans

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