Buy Your Tickets for Heroes Comic Con Madrid 2018

Buy your tickets!

  • Day Pass
    12 Until 12/13/2019
    • Saturday or Sunday 12€
    • Children and disability discounts available
    • Fixed price until December 13
  • Weekend Pass
    20 Until 12/13/2019
    • Two-day price
    • At box office on December 14 for 25€
    • Available online until Dec 13
What is Heroes Comic Con Madrid?

Heroes Comic Con is the biggest entertainment and pop culture event held in Madrid. In just one weekend, you can enjoy the best of comics, illustration, television series, movies, video games, children’s area … In our event you can find:

  • Discover the coolest geeky merchandise offered by our great exhibitors
  • Meet your favourite international and national artists and actors
  • Watch the best Cosplayers 
  • Your favorite video games
  • A more than complete program of talks and workshops
  • And enjoy an unforgettable experience of everything that surrounds pop culture

To have a complete view of the activity, browse our website. There is a LOT to do in Heroes Comic Con and we do not want you to miss anything and above all, have a great time!

New Cancellation Insurance

Heroes Comic With 2019 will introduce a new service for ticket buyers. We know that the main draw for many of you are international guests, whether it’s actors or comic book artists.

However, sometimes for reasons unrelated to the organization, guests cancel their presence. To protect yourself, starting this year you can buy a Cancellation Insurance for only € 3.5 with your ticket.

You can only use this insurance in case the organization makes any changes related to the actors and/or international comic book guest booked for the event. For no other reason will this insurance work.

When & Where
IFEMA - Hall 12

September 21 & 23

10AM - 8PM

Any questions? Please see the FAQ

If you have any questions, consult our FAQ section

I purchased a ticket and I can not go … Will I receive a refund?

Unfortunately, we will not give you a refund.

Can I buy my ticket at the ticket office of IFEMA the same day?

Yes, but tickets may be sold out before the event. Also, there is no guarantee that there won’t be any long lines. To be sure, we recommend that you buy your tickets online before the show in this link.

If I leave the event, can I get back in?

Yes, but don’t lose or damage the bracelet!

I already have my ticket, how do I get in?

Through the door (the teleportation machines are planned for 2260). No, seriously, once you have purchased your ticket, we will send you an email with a PDF. You can print it or download it on your phone. At the entrance, we will give you an access bracelet to the venue.

Do we have to enter at the same time with the group ticket?

No. One of the group can collect the bracelets and give them to the rest

I have a day pass. Can I go with my Cosplay?

Of course yes

Do I have to print my ticket?

No need to print it. You can show it on your mobile phone

What are the conditions of the singing session?
  • Get on the queue when the signing session starts. Actors leave the signing booth the moment the queue is empty, check the schedule and never arrive at the end time in the schedule or you may miss the sessions.
  • Mobile phones or cameras are not allowed  at the signing booth, as well as taking pictures with the actors
  • The price includes a printed photo of the actor provided by the Organization or an item from the visitor. The guest could reject to sign any material or item that it is not related to professional career.  
  • It is not allowed to give hugs and kisses to the actors
What are the conditions of the photo session?
  • Get on the queue when the signing session starts. Actors will leave the photo booth when the queue is empty, check the schedule, if you come at the end, you may lost the session.
  • Maximum 2 people per photo (plus the actor)
  • The price includes a printed photo and only will be made once. Make sure you get your best smile.
  • Cellphones or cameras are not allowed  at the photo booth
  • Autographs or selfies at the photo booth are not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to give hugs and kisses to the actors
Is there a discount available for people with disabilities?

Yes, there is a discount for people with disabilities

Ticket sales terms and conditions
  • Sales available at the box office Saturday and Sunday until capacity is full
  • No exchanges or returns.
  • Heroes Comic Con Madrid – the organising company – will not be responsible for visitors under the age of 18 years.
  • Discount available for visitors under the age of 14 years.
  • Discounts available for people with disabilities.
Should I get a ticket for children under 3 years old even it is free of charge?

Yes, children born after 21 September 2015 get in free. However, when you purchase your ticket you should get another one for the kid, free of charge.

Is there a special price for children?

Yes, the tickets for kids under 14 years old (born after 11/21/2014) have a special price.

If I buy a ticket for the signing or for the photo, does it include the event pass?

No, they are different tickets.  First you need a ticket for the entrance and then you need separate tickets for both the photo and/or the signing.

I purchased my ticket online, but I’ve still not received it. What should I do?

First, check your spam folder. Some mail programs just don’t understand that a mail with your Heroes Comic Con ticket is the most important message of the year for you

But if you still don’t find your ticket, send a mail to Our technical team help you as quickly as possible.

Are tickets transferable?

Although there is a name on tickets, they are not transferable.

Are there different tickets options? Will prices change?

There are 3 different tickets options:

  • One day tickets
  • Group tickets for 4 person
  • Weekend pass for the three days.

Until July 31, 2019 there is a discount on ticket prices. From August 1, 2019, prices will be as follows: