Chris Conroy - Heroes Comic Con
Chris Conroy

    Chris Conroy is  a 13 year veteran at DC Comics. He started at the company in the art-returns mailroom, before eventually moving to editorial, where he worked as an assistant and associate in books like The Brave & The Bold, DC Universe: Legacies and many others until he became the lead editor in books like Batman Eternal, Harley Quinn, Batwoman and Midnighter. When DC Comics moved to Los Angeles as part of the new “DC Entertainment era” of the company, Chris decided to move with it to continue working on his passion, comic-books. He’s currently a senior editor on the DC Universe side of the company, overseeing books like Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Batman: Creature of the night, and other projects. Over the years, Chris has worked with almost all the major talent in the industry, but he keeps being in awe when working with new talent and nurturing it until they become household names in the industry. Conroy is universally known as the most SUAVE editor in comics.