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Don McGregor

    Don McGregor began his comic writing career in 1969, creating his own series DETECTIVES INC. as a fanzine.  His first professional works in comics were Warren’s  CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA.

    After working as a proofreader, and eventually editor on several of MARVEL COMICS B&W line of comic/magazines, he was assigned to write the BLACK PANTHER in Marvel’s JUNGLE ACTION comics.  The “Panther’s Rage” series was the first mainstream comic to have an essentially all-black cast of comics, in 1973.

    In AMAZING ADVENTURES, WAR OF THE WORLDS, KILLRAVEN series, Don went from the horror genre and superheroes to writing one of the longest running science fiction comic titles, working with the incredible artistry of P. Craig Russell. Don also wrote LUKE CAGE, POWERMAN and MORBIUS, THE LIVING VAMPIRE in that time period. In the middle of the 1970s he started work on creating the historically important independent graphic novel, SABRE, that was aimed directly for the comic book store market.  In SABRE, all the taboos that were firmly entrenched at the major comics companies for heroic fantasy were obliterated.

    During the early 1980s, Don worked with Gene Colan, to produce two incredibly different kinds of titles. The first was RAGAMUFFINS, for Eclipse Comics. Shortly after, Don and Gene did NATHANIEL DUSK for D.C. comics,

    Don returned to the BLACK PANTHER with PANTHER’S QUEST, which thrust the African King into Apartheid South Africa. Gene Colan penciled the series, the longest in MARVEL COMIC PRESENTS. Later he and Dwayne Turner came to the Panther with PANTHER’S PREY, taking a long, hard look at drug use in Wakanda and America.

    Don wrote JAMES BOND for DARK HORSE in the mini-series, “The Quasimodo Gambit,” During the 1990s, Don authored the ZORRO comic series for TOPPS COMICS, creating a memorable supporting cast: Machete, Moonstalker…and Lady Rawhide. LADY RAWHIDE was so popular, she was spun off into her own series. Don and artist extraordinaire Esteban Maroto would work together on that book.

    Don scripted the sequential adaptation of THE MASK OF ZORRO movie, and the first Pierce Brosnan JAMES BOND film, GoldenEye.

    Don has taught a writing course at the prestigious SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS on WRITING FOR THE COMICS.