Elsa Sztulcman - Heroes Comic Con
Elsa Sztulcman

    Elsa Sztulcman has been a graphic novel editor for almost 10 years now. But she really stumbled upon that medium by accident: having been fed by the great masters and craftsmen after a long journey studying classic literature, she decided one day to veer her natural course towards an unexpected turn of events and what has been called the 9th Art. She gained the gift of immortality when honing her nascent skills within the house of Humanoïds Publishings, then helmed a small publishing house doing all the necessary chores to produce comic books under the supervision of the owner and then joined the company Ankama Editions as Assistant Managing Editor.

    Since then, she has become the Managing Editor of the Comix Buro studio created by the author Olivier Vatine and the team of Attakus. There she coordinates various graphic novel projects in partnership with third party publishers like DupuisRue de SèvresCasterman or Ankama.

    Currently she supervises high concepts like ‘The Universes of Stefan Wul’ (for Ankama), ‘Infinity 8’ (A space opera concept orchestrated by Olivier Vatine and Lewis Trondheim for Rue de Sèvre), the long-standing and cult series ‘Michel Vaillant’ and its spin-offs and sequels (for Dupuis/Graton Editeur) or the manga adaptation of the cooking book phenomenon ‘Gastronogeek’ (3 art books published by Hachette).

    She is also the co-writer of the graphic Novel ‘Lorenzaccio’ for Glénat.