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Frank Miller

    Frank Miller (Olney, Maryland, USA) began his professional career in the late 70´s, signing his first partnerships with publishers like Gold Key, Marvel, and DC Comics. After creating headliners like Spectacular Spider-Man or Dare Devil – where he was already accredited for his talent –, he became one of the most famous authors in the history of DC Comics thanks to a series of projects known as classics today. With Ronin (1983-1984) he incorporated the influence of European comics and Asian comics, inspired by two manga references, Kazuo Koike and Gôseki Kojima. His projects related to Bat Man marked a before and after: through the tone and the narrative means used, through the boost of new formats and printing techniques, and through imagining the past and future of the character accompanied by the authors of stature David Mazzucchelli, Jim LeeKlaus Janson and Lynn Varley. We are referring to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986), Batman: Year One (1987), Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (2001-2002) and Batman: All-Star (2005-2008).

    In his bibliography, works like Daredevil: Born Again, Elektra: Assassin and Elektra Lives Again also stand out. However, during the nineties he focused on the development of personal projects, becoming a symbol of independent American comic thanks to titles like Hard Boiled, the saga of Martha Washington, Sin City, and 300. The trajectory was recognized with two Harvey Awards and six Eisner Awards.

    The talent of Miller has transgressed the confines of comic; he has already codirected the film adaptation of Sin City and his sequel Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill, served as executive producer of feature film 300, and directed alone the translation of The Spirit by Will Eisner to the big screen.

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