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Jerome Flynn

    Jerome Flynn Career started in 1986 when he appeared in the LWT television film London’s Burning as firefighter Kenny “Rambo” Baines. When the film spawned a series of the same name in 1988, He was the only member of the main cast who was unable to reprise his role (aside from Gary McDonald, whose own character, Andreas “Ethnic” Lewis, was killed off in the film) due to previous commitments.

    Having semi-retired from acting and moved to Pembrokeshire, in 2007 Flynn directed and starred in the low-budget film, Rude Tales. The film was split into a series of short stories, all centered around the lead character, Jerome Rude, played by Flynn. The film was screened at a small number of independent cinemas in the Pembrokeshire area.

    After almost 10 years away from acting, in July 2010 it was confirmed that Flynn would be playing the role of Bronn in the HBO television series Game of Thrones, based on the A Song of Ice and Fire novels of George R.R. Martin.  Flynn provides the voice of Daniel (the hound) in the children’s television show Tommy Zoom.

    Flynn stars alongside Matthew Macfadyen in four series of Ripper Street for the BBC. And in 2016, he appeared in “Shut Up and Dance”, an episode of the anthology series Black Mirror.