Juan José RyP - Heroes Comic Con
Juan José RyP

    Known professionaly as Juan José RyP, artista, born in 1971 in Algeciras, Spain, but living in Avila.
    He started working in comic-books creating for Spain series like LESBIACIÓN (Jeux de Filles), IGNOMINIA, MONIQUE & DENISSE (GladyS & Monique), ROUGE, or BRIBONES, NANCY IN HELL and EL DIARIO SECRETO DE KAROL (these last three with other writers).
    He started working in American comic-books working for Avatar Press, first, (FM’s ROBOCOP (Frank Miller), MAGIC WORDS, ANOTHER SUBURBAN ROMANCE, YUGOOTH CULTURES… (Alan Moore), BLACK SUMMER, NO HERO… (Warren Ellis ), CROSSED (Garth Ennis), LADY DEATH (Brian Pulido), NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FRIDAY THE 13TH…), then at Marvel (THE PUNISHER, THE MOON KNIGHT, WOLVERINE…), then at SkyBound / Image (CLONE), and DC Comics (BATMAN, NIGHTWING, BIRDS OF PREY, BATMAN & ROBIN…). He’s now exclusive with Valiant Entertainment. Where he’s worked on series like BRITANNIA, NINJAK, ETERNAL WARRIOR, IMPERIUM, HARBINGER, DIVINITY… an currently NINJA·K.
    In his own words: “I live with a wonderful woman, I have a son I adore, three dogs that drive me nuts. I like movies, comic-books and literature. I am addicted to Rock and Roll and and I’m crazy for trail running, fitness and marathons.”
    Juan José RyP is a joint guest with Medusa Comics.