Patricia Martín - Heroes Comic Con
Patricia Martín

    Multiple Harvey Award nominee, Patricia Martín is a letterer, comic artist and illustrator. Born in Spain in 1985, she always felt the need to communicate either through writing or drawing. Martín began her career as a letterer and editor in the field of book publishing with companies such as Oxford, El Jinete Azul and Barbara Fiore Editora; working on the lettering and design of the Spanish adaptation of Luke Pearson’s Hilda books, Jimmy Liao or Suzy Lee. Later on she moved to the illustration and comic industry and for the last couple of years, she worked on Jeff Lemire’s ‘Bloodshot Reborn #5’, Matt Kindt’s ‘Ninjak #6’, Robert Venditti’s ’Wrath of Eternal Warrior’ and Secret Weapons alongside artist Raúl Allén and writer Eric Heisserer for Valiant Comics. 

    Patricia Martín is a joint guest with Medusa Comics.