Pia Guerra - Heroes Comic Con
Pia Guerra

    Pia Guerra is a Vancouver based cartoonist who was co-creator and lead penciller of the award winning comic book Y-The Last Man with writer Brian K. Vaughan and inker Jose Marzan Jr.

    Her work can be seen in Black Canary, Hellblazer, Adventures of Superman and Doctor Who as well as on various comic covers including Red Sonja and the Hulk.

    Following the 2016 election Pia started drawing editorial cartoons using her art to speak out against the racism and misogyny she saw in the Trump administration.

    Shortly after the inauguration, her cartoon Big Boy went viral, appearing on several news outlets including CNN, Good Morning America. This led to being asked to be a regular contributor to the editorial cartoons web site www.theNib.com.

    Pia is married to writer Ian Boothby who she collaborates with on many projects including creating cartoons for the New Yorker Magazine.

    Pia Guerra is a joint guest with ECC Ediciones