Sara Pichelli - Heroes Comic Con
Sara Pichelli

    Sara Pichelli currently lives in Rome. She’s mostly known for co-creating Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man.

    After graduating at the International School of Comics in Rome, She worked few years in the animation business as storyboarder and character.

    She started her career in the comics industry as layout assistant for David Messina and Elena Casagrande for IDW Publishing books (Star Trek and Ghost Whisperer).

    In 2008 she joins and wins the Marvel contest called ChesterQuest.

    Since then she’s been working on many different titles (NYX, X-Men, Namora, Runaways, etc…) until she was sel

    ected as the main artist of the second volume of  Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man.

    In Sept 2011 she won an Eagle Award and a Harvey Award, and in the 2012 she won 2 Stan Lee Awards.

    In 2014 she was among the new Marvel Young Guns ( it’s a selection that represents the best and brightest early-career artists in the comic book industry).

    After 2014 she worked on the re-launch of The Guardians of The Galaxy (drawing the run where we see the first appearance in the Marvel Universe of Angela from Spawn, written by Neil Gaiman), and All New X-men and the first chapter of the special story of Spider-Men.

    In 2017 Sara comes back on Spider-Man (where Miles Morales is now an official Spider-Man in the regular Marvel Universe) and draws the second chapter of Spider-Men.

    Currently she’s working on the relaunch of Fantastic Four, written by Dan Slott.