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Stefano Martino

    Stefano Martino born in Genova (Italy) on April 22th, 1970. He lived in Italy, France and Spain.

    He got the school-leaving certificate in 1990; served in the military service and attended the Department of Architecture at the University of Genoa in 1991-92. The following year he attended a course in publishing graphics and was trained by the advertising agency “A. G. Fronzoni” (Milan) in 1992/93.

    Profesional comic book artist since 1996. Among his projects are Alan Dracon (Amigo Comics), Les forêtes d’Opale (Delcourt/Soleil), Sword of Atlantis (Glénat), or Ghost War (Delcourt/Soleil).

    He has studied anatomy, black and white colouring techniques, in-depth study of textures in Japanese mangas, comics technique (Argentinean school); subject & script; animation technique; airbrushing, acrylics; oil painting; preparation of special canvas for scanning, and computer graphics. High level of photoshop and traditional techniques of painting.

    He’s currently the artist on Stranger Things for Dark Horse Comics.

    Stefano is a guest shared with Norma Editorial

    Alberto Jiménez Albuquerque