Tomm Coker - Heroes Comic Con
Tomm Coker

    Born in 1972, Tomm Coker began his career as a comic book artist in the nineties, while still in high-school. Since then, he has provided artwork for a variety of characters ranging from THE AVENGERS to XMEN.

    Aside of his work in comics, Coker has worked as an storyboard artist and production designer for movies, advertising and videogames. He’s also created a short film, A Day Between, released in 2003, and a movie, Catacombs, this one starring the singer Pink, released in 2007.

    Tomm is currently working on THE BLACK MONDAY MURDERS (IMAGE COMICS) with writer, Jonathan Hickman, published in Spain with the title Los asesinatos del lunes negro by Norma Editorial.

    Tomm Coker is a joint guest with Norma Editorial