Trevor Hairsine - Heroes Comic Con
Trevor Hairsine

    Trevor Hairsine is a British comic artist, who broke into the industry in the UK in 1994 on Judge Dredd Megazine for 2000AD and worked extensively with them for several years.

    He caught Marvel’s eye working on an indie book called Cla$$war in 2002. Later that year Marvel put him on Captain America: The Extremists and in 2005 Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada named him as one of Marvel Comics’s “Young Guns”, a group of artists who have the qualities that make “a future superstar penciller”.

    He worked for Marvel almost exclusively up until 2009 collaborating with Ed Brubaker on X-men Deadly Genesis, Ultimate Six with Brian Michael Bendis and fellow-Brit Warren Ellis on Ultimate Galactus Ultimate Nightmare among the many projects he drew.

    He did manage to slip in some work for Wildstorm/DC, on a book called Killapalooza, in 2009.

    Trevor began working for Valiant Entertainment exclusively beginning in 2012 Eternal Warrior with Greg Pak and then for several years on popular mini series including “Armor Hunters: Bloodshot”, “Divinity” and “Divinity II”.

    Trevor started in 2018 on a yet to be announced/released all star event book for DC Comics that should come out later in 2019.

    Outside of the Comic Industry, he also painted numerous cards for Wizards of the Coast on several sets of Magic the Gathering, and some Dungeons & Dragons illustrations.

    He’s a guest shared with ECC and Medusa Comics